Acoustic Outdoors: Hotline Bling at Roys Peak

I started hiking up to this mountain around 6am, because I wanted to catch the sunrise.  With my guitar, camera, and drone strapped to my back I made my way up the switch backs as each step was creating fire in each of my legs.  I made it to this point (picture above) around 9 am.  About an hour after sunrise, but the sun was still looking awesome.  Well, as I was preparing to take some pictures and videos, the box that had my drone in it slid down the mountain like it was competing in a luge competition.  Well, luckily it was in a box, so I knew the contents would probably be fine.  What I didn't know was the area that it landed was so packed with tall grass that it took me almost 2 hours to find it.  So, very tired and weary I took a few pictures and started walking down the mountain.  I decided about 30 mins later to stop and make a video, here is that video below. enjoy!

If you listen to the end you could hear I had a nice crowd :)