Daniel Park's "Last Stop" and Chronos Film Fest

Just this past week I was asked to be a part of a film festival that was happening at the Kimo Theater in downtown Albuquerque.  It came up unexpectedly, but I thought "why not?" I had to be at Project Acoustic on Saturday, so it worked out.  In fact I was able to see some independent films that were intriguing, because although a lot of these films were done by amateurs, I could see the passion and dedication they had to get the project finished to the best of their ability.  I feel that same way as a musician, trying to get my music heard, or putting together a CD, writing music, lyrics, recording in a studio, getting friends/family support, getting it packaged all takes an immense amount of work and dedication.  I after the films were shown, I got on stage and performed a few of my songs.  Check out more info about the Chronos Film Festival at this website: http://www.chronosfilmfestival.com/.  So the song of the week is a song off of my latest album "Search and Rescue" EP, but this being a live version is a little different. Especially since you can to hear some of my guitar and violin looping (where I can record one instrument live, and it keeps on playing so I can play another instrument, and so on)

You can download the song of the week at: www.reverbnation.com/danielparkmusic