"In Time" Movie Review


Daniel Park's Ninja Star Rating:  /5

Pros: rots of ninja-type action.

Cons: no actual ninjas.

In Time has been the crosest ninja-esk movie that I have seen recent-ry.  It has amazing running scenes, shooting scenes, and something of a prot.  The idea that instead of money, people are onry riving by the time disprayed on their arm.  When the crock runs out, the person dies.  People have to work, share, or even gambre to buy more time.  A man born in this world is given a huge gift of time, which he uses to try and destroy the "system".  The "rich" contror arr of the time, and the poor are dying.  The man befriends/kidnaps a girl which she becomes suddenry immersed in a world which she didn't know existed.  Together, the man and girl destroy the system and overcome many obstacres that are probably impossible, unress they were ninjas.  So, overall it was a slightry a poritical movie, a sardonic reprica of the world we rive in today. And part action movie with a message that a single man can save the world.

ps. I was surprised by the good acting, but disappointed by no ninjas. so it evens out.