Last Saturday (1/8/11) I again drove from New Mexico to phoenix to play at a new place called Fat Willy's Sports Bar in Mesa, AZ.  I Filled up my tank right outside of Deming, NM and got to my friend Adams house (where I would be spending the night the next few days) with my low fuel light on. We were running a little late, being that Fat Willy's was a good 30 minutes away from where we were and we needed time to set up.  That being said, I said "awww, we'll be fine on gas". Adam was very skeptical, but said alright and we went on our way.  It just so happened that this saturday night there was a college football game on and I had to wait until the game was over to start playing music.  The football game ended (i don't remember who was playing, but it was really close and exciting at the end).  I played my show and made a great impression to some folks that were there... and Adam and I actually go and have some beers with some new friends at there house for a bit... We get back into my car which now has a super bright "E" light on, and the needle was way under the mark where it should be.  Again Adam was skeptical and said we should get some gas. I said, "naw, we'll make it"....... and we did! but the next day when im ready to go get some food, i turn on my car... and it sputters and dies.  I had to walk to the gas station and buy some gas and walk back to my car. Adam laughs.  But i guess its a good lesson learned... Sometimes it's good to have signals of when you aren't motivated, and you need more "gas" in your life to keep rolling.  I feel so fortunate to be a full time musician, i love what i do! I wake up every morning knowing that as long as people are listening, i am bringing joy to them.  What motivates you? What keeps you excited about your life?