Parents and Technology

i hope you had an amazing holiday season! i was traveling a lot as always... i went up to albuquerque to visit my parents for christmas for a few days.  We were talking and since they are old fashion they didn't know about the digital switchover that the cable companies initiated on June 12, 2009. so they have been ignoring the letters from the cable company that said they need to get a conversion box.  Well it's a good thing that they have a son that is in tune with technology... it so happens that they rent movies through Netflix, so i ordered them a Roku, a little set top box that streams Netflix video, Hulu+, Pandora radio and other cool things! awesome! I just got a call from my dad yesterday saying that it took him a little bit of time to figure it out, but that "it's wonderful!". you're welcome dad!

so anyways, i know a lot of you are wondering about the new cd... and patience! i am waiting to come to my doorstep any minute now! so stay tuned!

daniel park