Beijing - Day 8: Robot Hot Pot

It’s Saturday and I was invited from Yuting, the bar manager, and Shirley and Katniss (who work for the booking agency) to watch Avengers: End Game. Although I already watched it the other day it seemed like a good day to hang out with the ladies. We met up near the subway station and I helped them find the movie theater because the mall is a maze. I did fall asleep a little during the movie because I didn’t sleep very much. but afterword we walked to a hot pot restaurant called Hai Di Lao. The entrance was not like a normal restaurant. When you walk in you sit in a theater type seating area with a large screen in the front. I’m not sure what was on the screen because I couldn’t read it. While we were waiting the hosts handed us warm towels and snacks. Near the hallway when I looked thru the window, I thought we were in a car factory because there were robot arms moving around back there.

And then our table was finally ready and we were led by the hostess to our table. We were led to the main dining area which was a huge room with projectors making the room seem even bigger with a space theme. We ordered two different kinds of hotpot and the service was really great. Especially since I noticed that other robots with trays took the food to our table.

wow! this place was crazy and I couldn’t believe a place like this would be in Beijing. I think there’s going to be more fun adventures here.

Daniel ParkComment