Beijing - Day 5: Another Local Singer

It’s my 5th day in Beijing and I get a message from Katniss, my handler who works for the booking agency, that the singer that was supposed to sing with me on Saturday will not be able to make it, so I have to practice with a new singer today at 2pm. So of course I hit the gym, get ready for the day and meet up with the singer. Oh her English name is Celery, but goes by the name Jane.


Turns out Jane is my favorite singer out of the 3 singers that i’ve met so far so Saturday should be fun. I did ask Katniss if I could perform alone, she says the hotel really wants a local singer to sing with me so the locals that used to come to the bar wouldn’t feel like they didn’t have good music anymore. I guess it makes sense. The hotel wanted something fresh, but didn’t want to lose any of the local crowd. It’s just a ton of work for me learning new songs, and practicing with 3 different singers within 5 days of even being in Beijing. By no means am I complaining though. I get to live in a 5 star hotel in China for 4 months, and all I have to do is sing songs.

Scary hooded burger

Scary hooded burger

My dinner did consist of a burger that has a hood like it should be a nun, or a ghost costume. Oh and it had an egg in it so the first bite I got yellow egg yolk bleeding down my shirt. But besides that it was decent. Ok, now time to perform.

Daniel Park