Europe Adventures

A well deserved nap after a 14 hour flight, tons of walking, and a 1 hour train ride.

We arrived in Paris, France with high hopes and imagination.  Not knowing what adventures laid before us, we were ever excited to see everything.  But after arriving at our host Stephanie's flat I had to take a nap for a few hours.

Arc de Triomphe

After waking from my slumber, our first tourist spot was the Arc de Triomphe.  Built in the early 1800's, it was a dedication for those who fought in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.  

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Of course the Eiffel Tower was next!

Paris Subway

We were constantly getting lost. But I guess that's part of the experience of being in Paris and not speaking French.

New Friends in Paris!

Our host Stephanie (who we met thru introduced us to her friends later that night and we had fun conversing with the locals. everyone was super cool and nice.

Musée du Louvre

the world famous Louvre Museum.  It houses many of the most famous paintings and art including the Mona Lisa.


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