Riding on a Train

Last week I was on an Amtrak train from Albuquerque to Chicago with my parents which was something I haven't done since I was born.  Although my parents say otherwise, I still don't remember riding the train, so it was a very new experience.  My parents got a sleeper car, which has a small space but enough room to have two bunk beds.  I road coach, so I got a regular seat which was ok to sleep on but I did come into the bunk bed to sleep a bit when my parents weren't there.  There is a restaurant car which has a few nice waitresses, and the food wasn't too bad.  there was also another whole car that had open seats to read and desks to work on.  I spent most of my time there working on my computer.  One night after dinner I went into the reading car and there was a guy with his guitar! I told him I played too.  He obviously looked skeptical, but I sat down next to him and played a song called "S.O.S."  well we jammed out so long, that I went and got my guitar and my recorder and we came up with this video below.

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