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Here is a link to a press article of my performance at the Cool Canyon Nights in El Paso last week: http://klaq.com/daniel-park-music/

Daniel Park – New Mexico’s Most Talented Musician

Screen shot 2012-08-12 at 5.34.46 PMBy: Lauren  |  11 hours ago
Last week the Dirty River Boys performed at Cool Canyon Nights. With an impressive local following, we can all agree they’re a band worth driving to see, but it was the opening act that had me speechless.

Albuquerque native Daniel Park performed a handful of original songs and a few covers on the pavilion stage. After making a short announcement about his recent appearance on America’s Got Talent, Park began to play. Now, when I say “play” I don’t mean he strung a few notes on a guitar and let this band handle the rest. This guy plays the guitar, violin, and drums. Well, he beats on his guitar a little to make it sound like he’s drumming. Regardless, he does little segments on each instrument, records it, then plays it back throughout the song to form the classiest version of a one-man band you’ll ever hear.

Check out Daniel performing “Amarillo by Morning” below and you’ll see what I mean. First, let me say, yes… I know it’s not rock music, but give it a chance. The kid has come chops.

Watch the video below to see exactly how Daniel plays, records, and replays the music throughout his songs.  It’s impressive. He’s got a great voice, exceptional skills, and, for my ladies, he’s pretty easy on the eyes. Yeah, don’t act like you didn’t notice those arm muscles pressing against that shirt, ladies. Swoon.