I tried out for America's Got Talent!


So I have always said that I would never try out for any shows like American Idol, The Voice, and such.  I don't know if i'm getting more desperate to get my music out there, or maybe it was convenience.  I just made it back to Austin a few days ago, and I heard that a friend from YouTube was flying in to try out.  I thought "wow, they are flying out to try out.  It's only down the street from me." So, with that said, I decided it wouldn't hurt to try it out. I knew there would be a line so I decided to wake up early and beat the rush.  I woke up at 4:30am, took a shower, made breakfast and coffee and made it to the Austin Convention Center around 6am.  There were at least 200 people in front of me! It was cold but not unbearable outside and after about 30min the line was moving so people could go inside.

I met a young couple in line and the guy, Scott, was singing and playing the guitar also.  Nice people. We talked about what songs we were going to sing for the judges.  He picked a Pink song, I said Kanye West - Heartless.  Throughout the day I could hear people singing there heart out.  Wow! I hope they weren't practicing!  In my mind, you have to have the song so rehearsed, that it shouldn't take any thought process to sing it.  It should just be muscle memory.  Well, I met a lot of nice people who were all there to follow there dreams with their God given talents.

All I can say is that I hope for the best.  I'll let everyone know if I get a call.