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Deli Radio


The other day I got an email in my inbox that at first didn't really capture my interest, because I get offers from different online radio stations and such almost everyday.  The only difference was, the subject line in the email was "We want to help you promote your show at Beauty Bar on 12/04/11".  And I realized that this one was different.

So after signing up I realized that this WAS actually different.  Listeners in the Austin area can now listen to not only mine, but other similar artist that are playing a gig in the area.  This doesn't just work in Austin, try using it in Your City!  You can also widen or tighten the proximity of your search criteria according to where the show will take place.

In a nutshell, I like for the national acts they cater to, but for the small guys like me, this online radio is great to promote my shows.  If you are a musician, or want to know what kinds of music is in your area check out the website and the iPhone App!