Real Steel Movie Review

Real Steel

 Daniel Park's

Ninja Star Rating: / 5

Pros: Robots always means there will be Asians involved in the movie.

Cons: Not enough ninjas in the movie. in fact, there were no ninjas at all.

Last night I was invited by a friend and his girlfriend to go see Real Steel.  A movie that when I first saw the trailer, I giggled and said "this one I am definitely waiting for it to come on dvd".  But as fate would have it, and because I wanted a break from practicing nun-chucks, I decided to go.  So, as the movie started it was more about a man, struggling to find his lot in life, then about robots.  He soon finds out that he has a son he didn't know about, which is a phone call none of us want to have. But through it all, the father and son duo can accomplish anything they want together.  I had a hard time feeling emotional for robots, but I also never liked playing Rock-em Sock-em robots either.