Zip Lining

The Ranch in San Juan, NM


Last weekend I had a great opportunity to take a break and really experience the outdoors. Some of my friends, Josh and Kevin, spent a few months working on a zip line out on Josh's family ranch. The ranch is located near the town of San Juan, NM approximately 35 miles north of Santa Fe. The town of San Juan has only a few hundred residents, and has only one gas station.

Getting to the zip line area proved to be quite of a challenge.  After exiting the freeway we soon turned onto a dirt road that let us past the one gas station into the town of San Juan.  After a few twists and turns, we were led to a gate.  then another gate. more twists and turns onto roads that my Honda Element (though all-wheel drive and very capable) could barely make.  After cautiously, inch by inch, driving over a newly built, but very narrow bridge, we parked near the river.  Now the directions said to follow the river on foot downstream.  It was a good thing I didn't bring my good shoes, because it also meant we had to cross the river itself a few times before finally reaching our destination.  That weekend I had the time of my life, zip lining, camping, and hanging out with friends.




This last video is of my friend Josh, doing a "Gun Run" on the zip line.